Band Practice…

22 Oct

Sent home from work today… car accident, burned nasty hand… yadddddddda yadda… I feel like I have told the story a million times over, each time I tell the story (of how it happened and why my hand looks like an incomplete mummy’s costume) it really brings me down.

I don’t like to be down, I like to smile and be happy and not feel like crap… I am working on it, but until my hand heals (approximately a month – as of right now – so says the dermatologist) I don’t know that I will feel like my usual Terribull self.

Right now I am pecking away at the key board, one-handed, a few fingers at a time, like someone who has never used a computer… everything is slow for me now a five-minute project at work, now at least thirty minutes.

I am so frustrated… it’s sad that being able to successfully squeeze tooth paste on my toothbrush is a victory… that today, I actually planned my visits to the restroom because I didn’t want to struggle with a zipper, that putting a few shirts on hangers brought me to tears… I am not used to being dependent on anyone other than myself… not used to saying “please help me: fill in the blank here” Have I mentioned my work outs…. what work outs….. I attempted to work out and that too is a painful struggle.

I am just a Negative Nancy I guess. I am grateful to be alive, the accident was bad… it could have been so much worse, I could have lost my babe (he is fine now, and taking care of me better than anyone could have imagined.) I maybe could have been “lost” too…

Something that did make me smile today, coming home early from work to hear the high school band practice Katy Perry‘s Teenage Dream.


Are you a Blair? or a Serena?

15 Oct

October 24th marks the launch of a new line called Eric Daman for Charlotte Russe, set to feature affordable party dresses (all under $50) as well as shoes and accessories.

Blair and Serena, Gossip Girl

Perfect timing for Christmas parties, New Year’s kisses and any other glam event that may pop up. If you are unfamiliar with the cult-couture name Eric Daman, he is the lead costumer for CW’s Gossip Girl, a show that many girls turn to for style inspiration.

More Time, “Pre-Cooking” for the Week

14 Oct

Last night I cooked a bunch of chicken breast in hopes to save some time after work… the plan is to pre-cook our meals only a few nights a week which will ensure lunches for myself and my hunnie, give me more time to tend to other household chores and hopefully help me get my work-outs in earlier and my after-workout meals consumed sooner.

Before I started cooking at home more frequently than not I didn’t notice how much time went into the preparation of each meal, I was typically only cooking a “meal” 2 nights a week now that frequency has increased to about 5 or more nights of home cooked meals. It seems that a lot of the prep time goes into trimming away fat before actually cooking and also making the marinade, so figuring out a system and setting aside just a few nights of massive prep work will hopefully take the “chore” out of cooking… last night’s pre-cook off was Mexican and Tomato/Basil, now my nightly cooking routine will consist of simple sides to balance our plates.

I think that a huge part of the success I have noticed in my changing body is due to eating mostly at home, nothing extra gets snuck in… meals are created under my supervision and nothing bad is allowed… I think that upping my home cooked meals and taking my lunch everyday again will help me reach my goals a little faster and forming this habit now will hopefully help me maintain better once I do reach my goal.

I am wondering if other motivated fitness junkies do this and if it has helped in reaching and maintaining various fitness goals… I am curious to think up (or find) some new recipes to keep meals interesting. Suggestions welcome.

Sweat Session: 10/11/10

11 Oct

I came home to my boo napping so I tip-toed around to find my sneakers and put in some time at the little gym. I kicked my booty doing just a little over 36 minutes and burned 514 calories. Most of the time was spent on the elliptical, but I added in some arm exercises as well.

I feel “high”… it’s amazing… even though I smell awful and I am literally dripping with sweat, I feel absolutely beautiful right now!

I wish I had a camera so that I could capture this moment. Haha. Seriously.

Weigh In – Seeing Progress

11 Oct

I did a mid-week weigh in and was elated at what popped up on the scale!  117.4, down 11.6 pounds since July 1, 2010.

I couldn’t be happier, however… I am really hoping to shed the rest of the weight soon so that I can get some new stuff… pants… not even an option right now, nearly all of my pants for work fall off of me and if they aren’t that lose, they are extremely baggy.  Not cute.

The difference is pretty noticeable too…

The above photo was taken June 29th 2010… literally just days before my workouts started, I hadn’t started eating  any differently yet and was only working out (barely sweating) 2 days a week.

The above picture was taken September 30th 2010. My face and arms look noticeably thinner and silly as it is… my smile seems more genuine. I feel much better in this skin, my self esteem is higher and I feel more confident and happy with myself. Now I eat very clean, preparing the majority of my meals at home and usually work out 5 times a week, 4 times a week minimum, for at least 30 min. a session.

While I had the help of a trainer from July 1st through October 1st, I am now relying on self guidance and motivation.  No longer working out at a big gym either, I take advantage of the gym at my apartment complex.

I am so excited to reach my goal, I think I will be able to do so a lot sooner than I originally thought.

Weekend Update: Closet Clean-out

10 Oct

Determined to clean out my closet this weekend! I got a fairly good start, I managed to pull out stuff that I knew I would never wear again and items that no longer fit me and take a pretty significant pile to Plato’s Closet on Saturday… they bought most of the items from me and I walked out of there with a check and a $10 black puffer vest originally from Charlotte Russe that looks a lot like the Victoria Secret version for considerably more. I think I made out well.

I then went to the mall and took back a pair of shoes I bought for dancing at the Castle… I didn’t end up wearing them and figured that I probably never would.  On the way out I managed to remember that I had a Groupon for the Gap and went in to kill some time and see if there was anything worth trying on.

I found some basics and ended up only spending $6.00 in connection with my previously purchased, soon to expire Groupon. Not too bad for all of the stuff I walked out of there with… a few basic tees, a sweater, a vest, knee-high socks, not bad at all…

Now I am online looking up cameras… I need to replace my Nikon Coolpix, snatched in the recent car break in. I have no clue what to get, kind of don’t want to spend much… just want a simple point and shoot camera for portability and capturing cuteness with my booo.

Hello again…

6 Oct

After a long hiatus, I am once again attempting to record a (nearly) daily account of my life’s adventures.

Recently, I was lucky enough to guest blog for Melificent! which was a treat not only because Meli holds title to one of my longest running friendships (even though we havent had the chance to hang out in person yet) but also because guest blogging for Melificent! gave me the opportunity to respark my blogging desire.

Here are the links to my guest posts on Meli’s site if you are interested in reading.

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Now… I just need to get looking pretty and fill it with my randomness… enjoy!

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